Kevin Potts


Management is a tricky business. The best managers work with both their reporting team and the team to which they report, and tie those two together. Performance comes from creative freedom, a respect of individual goals, and above all, the tolerance for allowing people to fail big in order to learn bigger. Everyone needs direction, empathy and protection. No one needs a bureaucrat looming over their shoulder.

Content Strategy

Despite being raised and trained in the world of graphic design, content has been my true love, from vast strategic ideas to the grammar inside an error dialogue. Writing and design are intrinsically linked; as inseparable as the salt from the ocean's water. Now, I obsess over content architecture and content strategy, and making content more meaningful inside the context of a brand. As companies stretch across dozens of mediums, this meta-strategy is the new frontier of communication.


My passion for web development was born from Notepad and Netscape Navigator, where a few amazingly simple tags enabled words and pictures to spring into deliciously scrollable, clickable, bookmarkable pages. Now, my hands are always dirty with code. I obsess over standards, performance, accessibility and the "everywhere web" mobile has wrought. I delight in database queries, templating engines and reading about massive server clusters storing petabytes of data from the Hadron Collider.


When I was in fifth grade, I designed video game characters with colored pencils and graph paper. Since then, my passion for design has crossed through life drawing and painting, magazine publishing, and finally to interactive media where the web continues to amaze me every day. I can be found wherever color, texture, typography and balance crash onto the beaches of persuasive user experience.